Back to the Mother Tongue
May 20, 2015

It’s no secret that the Lebanese population likes its fair share of languages and enjoys nurturing each generation with more than a handful on the educational side of things. Although this is without question a commendable attribute integrated into the Lebanese culture, it’s still matched by the weary predicament of children losing the ability to focus on their mother tongue: Arabic.

Rather, the youth has in fact taken the Arabic language and mixed it with a Latin based dialect, all in all leading to crossing that fine line of losing touch with their Lebanese heritage and roots. ‘I am the World’ is an organization that aims to restore the connection between the youth and the Lebanese culture, and it’s now in the middle of launching a new project spotlighting the Arabic language.

Titled “Bil Dadd” (referring to the Arabic letter “ض,” the project consists of two competitions for schools and universities alike. The first competition highlights the creation of an Arabic application to be used on smartphones and tablets, while the second focuses on creating a fun and interactional game that lets users play in the Arabic language, taking on an educational influence.

The competitions have been created to not only restore the youth’s interest in the Lebanese culture, but to also encourage the youth’s different talents and support the creation of educational games as well as other elements, in Arabic. Schools and universities could therefore be part of a greater movement of improving the Lebanese community.

‘I am the World’ will be holding a festival in Beirut Souks on May 24 that will include activities highlighting the Arabic language. Such activities include the reading of Arabic stories,  graffiti and calligraphy, painting along with playing music for kids, just to name a few.

The organization is planning on holding the event on an annual basis. An awareness campaign about the Arabic Language has been launched on all of ‘I am the World’s’ social media outlets, in addition to collaborations with other organizations.

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