Be cautious when upgrading to Windows 10

August 3, 2015

Email suggesting you upgrade to the new OS might be ransomware.

Windows 10 was launched earlier this week and while Microsoft has decided to roll out the free upgrades in stages, scammers are finding way to fool people into giving personal information in a way to gain profit.

One such exploit involves an email inviting the user to upgrade to Windows 10. The email will not even be suspicious, since the heading starts with the name Microsoft along with the familiar blue color scheme. Once a user clicks on the link and runs an executable file, it will then be greeted with a message saying that the user needs to pay up or else lose their data.

This is a type of ransomware that hijacks a user’s data for a profitable return. The problem is many users can be easily fooled with this email since many are eagerly waiting for the Windows 10 update to arrive on their computers.

Threats like this still happen all the time, and a proper secure antivirus is always recommended along with a keen eye for detail. If an email normally requires you to download and install something, then it’s probably malware.

Prevention is always better than cure.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.