Behold Alchemist! This is Intel’s first gaming GPU

August 18, 2021

Intel has been working to enter the high-end graphics card market to compete with Nvidia and AMD, and today those efforts get a name: Intel Arc. The earliest Arc products will be released in the first quarter of 2022 and will be based on a GPU codenamed Alchemist.  Intel’s Arc GPUs will compete with GeForce and Radeon in early 2022

The first Arc cards will be a follow-up of sorts to DG1—a card released only to system builders—which performs a lot like the GDDR5 version of Nvidia’s aging, low-end GeForce GTX 1030. As per Intel’s intro video, the Alchemist-based Arc cards confirmed support for modern GPU features like real-time ray tracing and AI Accelerated Super Sampling that will compete with Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX upscaling technologies. The trailer also showed Arc silicon running real (if somewhat older) games like Forza Horizon 4 and Metro Exodus.

To demonstrate its commitment to the discrete GPU market, Intel announced several more GPU codenames that will succeed Alchemist in the coming years, including Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid

While Arc will represent Intel’s first serious run at the gaming GPU market, the company has decades of experience in writing and updating graphics drivers, and releases driver packages and beta drivers with improvements for specific games, much like AMD and Nvidia already do. Plus if the current GPU shortage extends into early 2022, it will present a unique opportunity for Intel as well.

Alchemist products will arrive in the first quarter of 2022.


by Anil George
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