BLC Bank launches new HEY! App

March 14, 2014

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or coffee shop while short on cash and decide to use your credit card, only to find out cards could not be accepted due to technical issues? Your friend offers to pay for you so you can pay them back, but you don’t know if you’re going to see them again anytime soon.

With BLC’s new HEY! App, you won’t have to fret about being in a similar situation.  We were at the app’s launch earlier this month and got a live demonstration by BLC Bank’s Chairman General Manager, Mr. Maurice Sehnaoui. He stated, “Within our vision of being an industry pioneer in innovation, service excellence and technology, to bring revolutionary products and services to our clients, we are proud to launch HEY!, a unique service designed to facilitate payment, not only at points of sale, but also for money transfers with a simple tap.”

This app allows its user to conduct their banking transactions instantly and at all times without having to incur high costs for doing so.  It can be downloaded by all smartphones and is made to make the lives of users easier by allowing for payment solutions and being able to receive funds in their bank account, or even taking back a faulty client purchase. As for the mentioned predicament above, you would be able to pay your friend by transferring the money from your account to theirs with a simple tap. They don’t even have to have a BLC account, but would have to retrieve the money from any BLC branch in Lebanon.

You can even pay your delivery orders, for instance, from any location by sending your mobile payment directly to the restaurant you owe. As for paying merchants, it’s as simple as holding the smartphone over the merchant’s compatible tablet which is to be installed already at the cashier.

Users can even transfer pocket money to their kids through mobile transfers, as a form of allowance. HEY! users can simply cover emergency funds and such daily allowances from anywhere.


by micha
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