BMW: Battle of the Gamers launches in the Middle East
May 19, 2020

The BMW brand expands into the world of online gaming.

BMW Group Middle East has just announced a local initiative, the Battle of the Gamers eSport Tournament as a way for the brand to expand into the world of computer and online games. The project will be available for all residents across the GCC and Levant and will comprise of three key elements: online tournaments, in-game coaching programs, and monthly podcasts.

BMW: Battle of the Gamers will bring the best gamers across the region in a bid to win a total prize pool of $50,000. Games include DotA, FIFA, and Fornite while more games are being confirmed. The tournament will be held for three days a week over the next three months starting with DotA on May 14th. Some of the games will also include live streams and commentaries. 

Additionally, the BMW eSports Academy is an in-game coaching program that will provide online classes around gaming topics made for casual gamers and professionals. BMW has organized activities that include live chats, Q&A sessions and the like to help bring out the talent in you. BMW will be utilizing Gamers Hub Middle East’s framework in launching its first eSport tournament.

“Despite the Middle East being the world’s fastest-growing gaming market, e-Sports is still very much in a development stage. BMW Middle East intends to take the regional gaming ecosystem to the next level. We want to put emphasis on one of the world’s strongest gaming markets, encouraging both professional and casual participation and ultimately bring joy to consumers,” said Lars Nielsen, BMW Sales and Marketing Director of BMW Group Middle East.

For more details about Battle of the Gamers including how to register, you can check out these links in English and Arabic.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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