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Bose may have accidentally leaked its new headphones
August 6, 2017

An upgraded QC35.

I normally don’t sign up for newsletters but keen-eyed users may have noticed something strange with Bose’s latest email. One recipient pointed out the supposed Quiet Comfort 35 (QC35) that was on the email contains and extra button and further investigation revealed a filename ‘email_QC35upgrade_img3.png’.

The original QC35 did not have this button – though other users may have pointed out that it could be a manual switch for the noise cancellation function which you can now probably switch on manually. It could also be a function what will let you hear outside noise that’s needed when you’re using the headphones outside the street where being alert is needed.

The Bose QuietComfort 35, launched last year, ranks as one of our favorite noise-cancelling headphones that sits up there along with the Sony MDR-1000X. In our review, in it we praised the headphone’ noise-cancelling capabilities, citing that “[the headphones] properly block out noise that even a faint whisper from the song I was listening to was very audible.”

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