CES 2015: 3D Printers become mainstream

December 24, 2014

After a rocky launch, 3D printers are now more affordable and easier to acquire.

For some, 3D printers are still an unknown concept but hopefully this year’s CES 2015 will see more companies delivering a more affordable and easily accessible solution to these devices.

3D printing definitely has its benefits. While it was initially conceived to easily make models from blueprints, 3D printing has now been utilized in various fields such as medicine and education. Stories of how a 3D printer helped saved a young boy from bone cancer gave way for the technology to offer a more affordable and easier solution to save his life.

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Additionally, 3D printers have now been used in the education sector as well, letting students and young kids play with their imagination and transform various creation into reality rather than just drawing them on a plain sheet of paper.

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Unfortunately, 3D printers have also enabled some to create weapons such as guns, which in some way could be used for violence, prompting some local governments from some countries to ban it.

Still, the pros of the technology outweigh the cons, and with CES 2015 approaching, expect to see small and more affordable 3D printing solutions to be presented at the event.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.