CES 2015: 3D Printing is alive and kicking!

January 7, 2015

More and more companies are introducing their own 3D printers. Here’s a roundup of the stuff we have seen.

3Doodler 2.0

One of the big hits of last year was the ultra-portable 3Doodler which lets you create your own masterpieces using a pen-like tool to draw your creations. There was a big promotion for the product when it was released in the Middle East back in October and now the company is introducing a sleeker and better-looking 3D Printer aptly called the 3Doodler 2.0. The new 3Doodler 2.0 is now 75 percent slimmer, 50 grams lighter and is now housed in an anodized aluminum casing that definitely looks way better than its predecessor. The 3Doodler 2.0 is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for backers to fund the project.

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Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended

3D Printing is about to get more mainstream with the Ultimaker 2 Go ($1450) and Ultimaker 2 Extended ($3030). These two printers feature premium parts and materials which made it win some top awards from the 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014.

The Ultimaker 2 Go is a lightweight 3D printer that is catered for first-time 3D printer users. It features a slimmer design along with a more portable look and feel so you can take it anytime, anywhere.

The Ultimaker 2 Extended features the best speed (up to 300mm/s) you would see on a 3D Printer. Along with that, it features a larger volume so you can print virtually anything that comes to mind. Combine that with a sleek design, this can easily be the centerpiece of your workplace.

da Vinci Junior

At $349 the da Vinci Junior is one of the more affordable 3D printers out there. Made by Taiwan’s XYZprinting, the da Vinci Junior looks like a simple oven toaster. It’s a smaller version of the original da Vinci printer that was sot down for being really huge. We’re thankful this smaller iteration looks ( and weighs) significantly less than its big brother.


Yes, it’s chocolate printer, and it’s exactly what you think: it prints layers upon layers of delicious chocolate. This printer has been built in partnership with Hershey’s, and can also print cookie dough and other decorations. At $500, it’s one of the affordable ones out there – and it prints chocolate! I guess what I’ll be asking Santa Claus next Christmas.


While 3D Printers are mostly used to print normal standard objects, the Voxel8 might be the first one that can print both plastic and conductive ink. This in turn allows it to print an electronic device – think of it as the main machine to print your smartphone or any appliance or device for that matter. While it is still in prototype stage, it has already developer versions selling for $8,999. Pretty soon you don’t need the smartphone itself, you can simply just ‘print’ one.

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by Victor
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