CES 2015: Car tech gets savvier

December 24, 2014

Cars have not only evolved in design and power but also the tech used inside of it. This year could see a bigger adoption of the technology and possibly change the way we use our vehicles.

Remember when Apple introduced iOS in the Car and Google demoed Android Auto? While the concept was great, the adoption of the technology barely has penetrated normal users especially since most of these services will only be integrated with newer car models and you might have to purchase additional equipment for it to function.

Hopefully at this year’s CES 2015, we will see more manufacturers integrating the services on their cars, or at least offer something that we can retrofit into the existing ones we are using. Most of these services have already been present on smartphones, and somehow the need for other devices such as GPS units would be obsolete.

We’re excited to see how car tech will eventually evolve next year, and CES 2015 might just have something up its sleeve when the show starts next week.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.