CES 2015: It’s confirmed, LG’s new smartwatch runs on WebOS

January 8, 2015

It will feature an all-new stainless steel body.

Earlier this week we reported that LG would ditch Android Wear in its upcoming smartwatch and will instead release its next smartwatch running WebOS. This is when the company accidently posted a developer’s portal for making WebOS apps made exclusively for smartwatches. This follows the company’s move to use WebOS on its upcoming line of Smart TVs.

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Now after CES has started, many noticed the swanky new smartwatch being used to drive and control functions on upcoming Audi vehicles and it was initially rumored to be the new LG G Watch R. Turns out, it was the new smartwatch the LG is developing that runs on WebOS.

While the company will still be doing Android Wear smartwatches in the future, they’re also pledging support for WebOS for most of its products and from the looks of it, they’re off to a good start.

LG’s WebOS smartwatch does not have a name as of yet but it mostly resembles the LG G Watch R that was released a few months back. But this new smartwatch now features stainless steel and sapphire crystal and is water resistant.

There is no definite release data as of the moment, but we’re sure the LG will be announcing this smartwatch officially soon.

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