CES 2015: LG introducing WebOS 2.0 TVs

December 30, 2014

WebOS may have found a new home with LG’s Smart TVs.

LG somehow is doing well in resurrecting the WebOS by integrating it their current Smart TV line. At this year’s CES 2015, LG will be introducing a new version of the WebOS software that will improve performance on upcoming and existing Smart TVs.

WebOS 2.0 will be drastically faster, with LG citing a 60 percent faster boot time and with the YouTube app launching more than 70 percent faster. It will also introduce a new option called ‘My Channels’ that combines all your favorite channels in a launcher. Streaming services from Amazon and Netflix will also be available, and LG is currently in negotiations to offer 4k video streaming.

Given the strong sales for LG’s line of Smart TVs, the company is more than determined to offer a new line of Smart TVs to continue support for WebOS. Expect a new lineup of Smart TVs to be announced next week at CES 2015.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.