CES 2015: Meet Belty, the smart ‘belt’

January 8, 2015

This belt warns you if you are gaining weight.

Wearables usually come in the form of a smartwatch or even a fitness tracker. But Belty has found a way to become the first wearable at tightens your belt when you gain weight – literally.

Belty, from French company Emiota, is basically a smart belt that syncs to an app on your smartphone that records your vitals. Belty can track steps and monitors if you are gaining or losing weight and it will automatically adjust the belt based on the data it has stored.

Belty has a rather huge buckle that houses all the mechanisms built inside it. Though it doesn’t have the most fashionable design, it somehow tells the wearer if he/she is starting to gain weight. It even vibrates to let the wearer know if they haven’t moved in a while.

The product is still in development, but hopefully they can find a way to make the buckle small enough to not be an eyesore.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.