CES Roundup

January 13, 2012

T3 Middle East brought you the best of The Consumer Electronics Show 2012. Here’s a small roundup, and a gallery of some interesting happenings at CES.

Steve Ballmer Keynote

This is Microsoft’s last Keynote Address, and so possibly the last time we see Steve Ballmer up on stage at CES. The setting was appropriately grand, the Tweet Choir, Ryan Seacrest and a short film editing masterpiece on Steve Jobs.
Here are a few highlights of Ballmer’s frenzied, enthusiastic take on what’s coming from Microsoft this year:

  • The new improved Bing, its data harnessing prowess relevant to the location you’re in.
  • The Windows 8 offerings from Samsung, HTC and Nokia. Highlights include the 4.7” HTC Titan II with believe it or not, a 16 Megapiksel camera, and the Nokia Lumia 900
  • Clean sleek, feel of Windows 8 in a demo by Chief Marketing Officer Tami Reller.
  • Win8: Picture passwords. Touch designed charms provides access to apps. Runs on x86 and ARM processors. The Semantic Zoom feature was highlighted by a video of a bungee jumper falling into croc-infested waters, not the best of choices, one must add.
  • The Windows Store will be a big focus, and the Store will be available in all languages that Microsoft 7 is available in, make that 100 plus. A brief video showed machines carrying Windows 8, like the Samsung 9 Series, Toshiba A380 and the glass backed HP Envy 14.
  • For the numbers buff, 7 copies of Win7 a second are sold.

On the Xbox front:

  • Xbox reveals voice activated option. Content is a big focus, being expanded to TV content from Verizon. Interestingly, an on-demand segment will be finalized soon.
  • Ballmer also showcased the Interactive session of Sesame Street for Xbox, two way interactive television and entertainment, that will be perfect for New Generation couch potatoes.
  • Plus, Kinect is coming to windows February 1!

And a final energized take from Ballmer? Its Metro Metro Metro! And Windows 8!

TVs at CES

This year, 4k was the keyword among the TV majors. With a resolution that is 4 times higher than Full-HD, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung and LG showcased their offering. Sharp went a step ahead with the world’s first 8k LCD TV, at 55”.  Sharp showcased an 80” LED TV while LG presented a 55” OLED, the world’s largest so far. Plus some exciting 3D glasses design options.

Sony Xperia S

We had a peek at the coming Xperia, see-through glass and all.
The design sort of takes inspiration from the general trend, but looked suave… Now, we’ll have to see the takeover legalities to be worked out…

Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 could well be a highlight for the brand this year, and we were very impressed by what we were shown. It was all no-touching-please, sadly. Full story here.

Browse the gallery for various new products unveiled at CES 2012.

by T3 Middle East
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