Check out Windows 10’s new Paint app

October 12, 2016

You can even paint in 3D!

Microsoft Paint may be one of the most used programs in the company’s history. Considering that it was built-in program for Windows, it’s the default tool for those who simply want to draw or create.

The first version of Microsoft Paint came with Windows 1.0 way back in 1985.

With the advent of touchscreen devices being compatible with Windows, Paint became even a more essential tool for drawing, whether you’re an artist or a kid.

But a recent leak may point to where Microsoft is taking Paint. In a leaked video above, it showcase a whole new interface for the program, which even highlights its ability for you to draw in 3D.

The new Microsoft Paint app for Windows 10 will probably be announced during the company’s upcoming October 26th event.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.