Chinese government to ditch Windows

November 2, 2014

By 2020, the Chinese government hopes to be completely windows free by developing its own Linux based operating system. The government has alleged that Windows is being used as a spying tool against them and hopes that their new operating system will ensure greater data security.

The new OS has been dubbed NeoKylin, and a version is already being rolled out onto Dell computers manufactured for the Chinese Market. The complete “De-Windowsifying” campaign is set to be complete by 2020, with 15% percent of government computers being converted every year till then.

The NeoKylin project is being led by Ni Guangnan, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. His plan for the new operating system is not only intended for government computers, but all of their mainframes and servers as well. He hopes that with the development of NeoKylin, Chinese data will be more secure, and that there will be less reliance on foreign made operating systems.

 The move to the Chinese OS comes at a time when Microsoft has faced intense scrutiny by the Chinese government, with their offices being raided and data being seized.

This transition to a new operating system nation-wide will likely be very interesting to observers, especially in a time where the Chinese people are constantly calling for more net neutrality in the nation of over a billion. 

by ryan

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