ComiXchat: convert your chats to comic strips

June 5, 2015

 ComiXchat is an app that transforms your text messages or chats into comic strips. Conversations are instantly animated in real-time, so that you  can be transported to a cartoonish world while chatting with your friend over a morning coffee.

Harken back to the days before 3G internet and smartphones, when those dinosaurs we called Nokia phones monopolized the industry. The best you could do to get in touch was either call, missed call or send a text message. Today, SMS texting has become so passé, as peer-to-peer apps like Viber, Whatsapp and FB Messenger have become the main vein of chatting on the wings of 3G internet. But it doesn’t stop there. The folks at ComiXchat have taken the chatter up a notch to a snicker-filled place.

The app, which works on any platform, creates avatars out of the people engaged in dialogue. Adding to the interactivity factor, the characters alter their positions through various camera angles and change their facial expressions to mirror the tone and emotion of what is being said.

Instead of having to use emoticons to better express yourself, or throw in a pusheen to emphasize cuteness, comiXchat keeps you zoned in to an illustrated world, by animating the entire context of the conversation.

Once you’re done, those heated discussions or passion-filled convos can be saved in comic form and uploaded onto social media – if not saved as an animate memoir for you to look back on. The only requirement for the app to work is that both parties have it downloaded. So if you’re keen on creating a real-time animation of your conversations as they happen, the app is up for grabs, free of charge. Android users download it here.


by admin