Cortana officially launches on iOS and Android

December 10, 2015

And Cyanogen users will get more features.

Microsoft has officially launched Cortana for iOS and Android devices. The virtual assistant, named after a character from the hit game Halo, was originally made for Windows Phones. The virtual assistant is currently built into Windows 10 and will soon make an appearance on the Xbox One.

Certain limitations with APIs prevent Cortana from replacing Siri or Google Now. However, if you have a device running on Cyanogen, you will have a special version of Cortana available. Arriving later this month, it will have more features than the current Cortana app, including voice detection when you say “Hey Cortana”.

That being said, we are still unsure how Cortana will be utilized on other platforms. I’ve barely used Siri on my iPhone and Google Now on my Nexus 5. Microsoft promises new features to be available in the future, and here’s hoping that those features make Cortana worth downloading.

You can download Cortana for free on iOS and Android.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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