Cortana’s taking over your Android smartphone

August 10, 2015

Microsoft’s digital assistant can replace Google Now.

Microsoft is pushing to get Cortana available on any platform possible. Since the confirmation that the virtual digital assistant will also be available on iOS and Android, some users are considering to let Cortana ‘handle’ all of the smartphone tasks.

iOS users can’t really replace Siri as the default digital assistant but on Android, Microsoft has just announced that the capability to let Cortana be the default assistant will be made possible once the app rolls out to the platform later this year.

“When the first beta of Cortana for Android was released, it was missing a nifty feature: the ability to set it as the default personal assistant aka the home button shortcut. That means, if you’ve Google Now on your Android smartphone which can be opened by holding the home button, you can replace it with Cortana — which is indeed a much-needed addition,” Microsoft said in a blog post

That being said, I never really used Siri for most of my tasks let alone Google Now when I had an Android smartphone. Cortana must bring something different to the platform for the users to truly embrace the app.

Cortana is now available as a built-in feature on Windows 10 and it will come out to the Xbox One later this fall. Cortana for Android and iOS will be available later this year.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.