Crave bespoke bass? KEF’s KF92 is the ultimate subwoofer!
July 22, 2020

KEF’s KF92 subwoofer has a lot going for it. This compact, powerhouse subwoofer is engineered to deepen every listening experience. Right from two massive 9-inch drivers powered by an immense 1000 Watts of power, the Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm, KEF’s Music Integrity Engine and much more.

Two 9-inch KEF transducers were conceived specifically for the KF92. They feature a hybrid aluminium/paper cone and an oversized motor system and voice coil, ensuring vanishingly low distortion and precision.

The drivers are positioned back to back in a force-cancelling design which cancels out the reactive forces which stress conventional subwoofers. This configuration keeps KF92 perfectly balanced so all you’ll hear is deep and clean bass at sound pressure levels of upto 110db. Not just that, both the KEF drivers are connected to amplifiers.

On the power front, KF92’s 1000W (RMS) of Class D amplification (that’s 500W RMS per driver) creates immense power, delivering incredible levels of control. This improves timing accuracy and dynamic response, producing a more detailed sound closer to that in the studio.

KEF’s research into digital sound processing conceptualised the Music Integrity Engine, which is the brains behind KF92. This is key to optimising the relationship between the amplifier, drivers and cabinet, while placement-dependant EQ allows for seamless integration into any room.

In order to ensure that one of its smallest-ever subwoofers could deliver deep bass, KEF invented an innovative circuit it called ‘Intelligent Bass Extension’ or IBx for short. IBx is essentially an algorithm built into a DSP controller that counteracts the natural tendency for a bass driver to roll-off at low-frequencies but at the same time monitors what that driver is doing to ensure its safe operating parameters are not exceeded.

Let’s not forget that the KF92 has a sealed box construction improves flexibility of positioning as well as the speed and clarity of performance. Benefits include taking out bass reflex port noise, a smoother, more extended low-frequency roll-off and lower distortion and of course protection to internal metal components from corrosion.

The KEF KF92 subwoofer is now available in the UAE at Sharaf DG and DG+, who are the exclusive resellers and service agents of KEF products in the UAE. For price and availability, please visit DG+, Sharaf DG’s Flagship AV store at Time Square.




by Anil George
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