OLED screens are still the best displays because of self-lit pixels

February 9, 2021

LG explains why OLED screens still offer the best image quality.

Over the years, video has become the best tool in providing all forms of entertainment. Along with this, TVs have become the best way to enjoy video content, including playing video games as well as accessing information online.

As video content gets more advanced, many users are already expressing concerns on how to enjoy video playback. They tend to now look at how image quality impacts their viewing experience. For TVs, watching on a LED display now reveals certain flaws especially for dark scenes that aren’t ‘black’ enough. Since LED TVs aren’t able to achieve perfect blacks because of the way it is lit, you would often get disappointed with the image quality it offers.

This is why an OLED TV is the best option that you can get. OLED displays feature pixels that are self-lit (compared to LEDs where the panel is lit by a backlight). Since each pixel can independently turn on or off, you can achieve perfect black because the pixels are turned off. Combine that with a variable refresh rate and an ultra-fast response time and you’re getting jaw-dropping graphics that weren’t possible before on an LED-based display.

LG’s OLED TVs utilize a bunch of technologies that help improve image quality. Next-gen features such as 4K 120Hz, auto low latency mode (ALLM), enhanced audio return channel (eARC), Dolby Vision, as well as webOS, are all supported.

What’s more LG’s OLED TVs also feature a super slim design, making them an ideal part of your living room and an essential part of your living room setup.

You can browse through LG’s current line of LG’s OLED TV here.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.