Ring’s Always Home Cam is amazingly concerning

September 28, 2020

A home security device that’s also a drone.

Amazon unveiled a bunch of other devices last week, but one of the rather odd devices they’ve announced is the Always Home Cam from Ring. It’s a security camera that’s also a drone – no kidding. This autonomous drone is able to fly around when you’re not at home and then returns to its dock which also charges the battery. 

At $249.99, the Always Home Cam aims to give you multiple viewpoints in your home without the need for multiple cameras. In a way, you’re saving money by having just one surveillance cam patrolling your house. That being said, it is still a question mark how the Always Home Cam would work in a typical home scenario, but we’re guessing Amazon won’t be releasing this device without proper testing.

When you first get the Always Home Cam, you will be required to map out your entire home and then assign specific viewpoints that you want it to check. It’s fully autonomous, but you can always assign how it patrols your home. You can even tell it to fly on-demand once it hears something, or when a connected Ring alarm system senses a disturbance.

It also uses sensors so it can properly avoid obstacles in your home. Along with that, the propellers are also protected so it won’t easily damage objects or hurt someone when it is flying around. It can record 1080p video which you can stream straight from your smartphone. 

The Always Home Cam is definitely an ambitious product, and we’re curious to know how it will work as promised in a real-world scenario. Ring’s Always Home Cam will start shipping next month.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.