Du to introduce a new AI chatbot named ‘Blu’

March 5, 2019

You can communicate with Blu using WhatsApp.

Customer care for Du users has become even easier with the company’s introduction of a new chatbot that you can talk to using WhatsApp. Blu is powered by AI, and the virtual assistant will be able to help you with the basic help that you may need on your Du account.

Blu will be available to more than 9+ million fixed, mobile, IP and broadband customers and will be able to answer common queries. For some customers, it’s an easier way to chat with WhatsApp when compared to calling the Contact Center or even visiting a retail shop.

Since Blu is powered by AI, it will learn from the various ways that it is interacting with the customer which should help it learn new skills.

“As an ICT service provider, we are at the forefront of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. We recognize the importance of messaging for our customers. Making our virtual assistant available on WhatsApp makes it easy for our customers to connect with us. We’d like our customers to play an active role in creating a great chat experience, so we’ll be inviting them to help train the virtual assistant. Think of it as a new employee who has some core skills, but continues to learn and grow through experience,” Anthony Shiner, Chief Digital Lifestyle and Innovation Officer, EITC in a statement.

You can try out Blu by messaging through WhatsApp on +971 58 CHATBOT (+971 58 242 8268).

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.