Dubai Police Getting Google Glass, Officially the Coolest Force Worldwide

October 2, 2014

Dubai’s Police Force detectives are officially the coolest law enforcement entity on the planet from this moment. Let me convince you with 6 words: Lamborghini Aventadors, Bugatti Veyrons and now, Google Glass.

I really don’t know how they manage to keep wannabe recruits in check. They must be flooding the stations. According to Reuters, Google’s Smart Glass will allow detectives to match suspects’ faces to a central database of known perps via face recognition. Robocop has nothing on us. This could have been the result of pressure from detectives, who wouldn’t have dubai traffic cops beat them to the coolness (the latter are already getting google’s smart glasses). We don’t know how many will be distributed (they are, after all, 1500$ a pop). But something tells me that an emirate who spends 1 million dolalr on a Bugatti Veyron pursuit car won;t choke on a couple of hundred of thousands.

What baffles me though is that Dubai’s crime rates are very low (heck, even the baddies want to join the force for a chance to drive one of the Lambo’s, while recording the joyride on their standard-issue Google Glass). Add to that the recession the emirate is going through. The adult in me says this is money better spent elsewhere. The 8-year old / tech nut in me strongly approvres.

by Simon Khoury
Molecular Biologist turned technology journalist, Simon moved from browsing genomes to dissecting gadgets and putting them through T3's battery of tests. He is currently the Editor for, and a contributing editor to the Arabic and English editions of T3 Middle East magazine. He takes special interest in high performance computer systems, high-end smartphones, the indie gaming scene, and productivity boosting software. He is also an avid reader, science afficionado and a picky gamer. You can contact him at webeditor(at)