E-City opens newly renovated store in The Dubai Mall

February 19, 2017

Leading retailer showcases thrust towards innovative technology and promises customers with highly interactive shopping experience.

E-City has just relaunched its retail store at the Dubai Mall after a recent renovation. The new store promises to offer an interactive shopping experience that will offer more than 10,000 products across 100 leading brands.

E-City CEO Jaouad Dakir mentioned that the newly renovated outlet at the Dubai Mall should consolidate the company’s positoin as the region’s first ‘Technology Convenience Store’. Dakir also said that it wanted the store to be an experience that’s unique from other stores at you can find in the mall, and this includes various gadgets and other electronic novelties you won’t occasionally find in other places.

The store also features the company’s new logo that includes digital pricing features that will help you compare products. It also has QR codes that you can use to learn more information about the product.

E-City is now open at The Dubai Mall.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.