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Edge Sense on the HTC U11 is rather brilliant
Anil George
May 16, 2017

Not to mention addictive

HTC have a knack for going where few other manufacturers venture. Long before the trend, they made dual cameras a thing. Then there were the unibody all-metal devices. And Boomsound.

And now with Edge Sense, they could have just the right thing to take down many of their competitors.

And yep, thankfully, they didn’t try to develop a Hixby of their own.

jcrop-previewSo what is Edge Sense exactly?

It’s a functionality that enables you to activate apps or functions on the phone, whether your camera, Instagram, facebook or your contacts, with a slight squeeze at the bottom half of the HTC U11. Sync it to your camera for instance, and a first ‘squeeze’ enables the camera, and an elongated squeeze takes it to selfie mode, super quick. One more squeeze, and your pic is taken.


It’s super useful, as you get to decide what app you sync to, the level of pressure to be applied for the ‘squeeze’ to be recognized. The possibilities for Instagram or Facebook are rather immense too. Quickly squeezing to be troll The Trumps latest mess? Definitely done.

On launch, Edge Sense on the U11 is specific to pre-loaded apps on the device. HTC is launching the Edge sense companion in July, which will enable Edge Sense functionality to third-party apps.

by Anil George

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