Effortlessly create stories with Sway by Microsoft
November 16, 2014

A great little application within the new Office suite has surfaced from Microsoft that allows for mobile-first publishing. The app allows users to easily create stories on their phones to be hosted on a domain called sway.com. A link to the stories is generated with which creators can share their stories across multiple platforms.

The inputs for the app are quite simple; you can add a photo, take a photo, add text, and link text. When you have added all the content that you please, you just hit ‘view’ and your story is created. The design of your story is quite modern and minimal, much like a micro-blog post, but can be really useful for people who want to document a trip, or those who want to share a spur of the moment inspiration.

The layout designs are changeable based on mood, whereas you select a mood template from the options and it designs your story layout for you. In the current beta version of the app, only a few moods are available, but Microsoft has indicated that there will be more to come.

Currently available by invite only, the app will be fully released soon. The only version distributed without an invite was only available to users in New Zealand as a market test. Sway is not the only app on the market that produces content like this, an earlier app called Storehouse operates in a very similar way.

So, if you would like to try out this new and innovative method of content creation, you better sign up and ask for an invite from Microsoft. As a journalist, this is something I can’t wait to get my hands on!

by ryan

Writer, Photographer, News Junkie. You can often find him experimenting in the kitchen or planning his next trip. Also a big fan of documentaries, he is eager to constantly learn more about this world we live in. Send him an email at ryan@t3me.com

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