English design firm CPI develops windowless airplanes
November 4, 2014

In a drastic new cabin design, aircraft manufacturers could be going windowless in the future. This new design will change the way you look at flying, but may prove difficult for claustrophobic people.

The windowless design would exchange the tiny portals to the outside world into floor to ceiling length displays, showing images of the sky around the aircraft. From the digital mock ups, it would look as if you were seated in mid air. Information will also be applied to the displays, improving the quality of in-flight entertainment.

For taller people such as myself, there comes another welcomed bonus: more room. When airplane fuselages have windows, they need to be thicker. This reduces the diameter of the fuselage at the cost of your personal space and comfort. One would hope that a wide fuselage would mean wider seats, but knowing the modern airline industry quite well at this point, I would guess that they would attempt to squeeze in a few more seats. The designers originally thought the reduced width and material use would equate to lower fuel costs which are passed on to airlines and consumers, but again, a lower fuel cost would likely only benefit the airlines.

Overall it’s a really cool concept, something that I would love to see come to fruition. But what would a flight be like if the screens failed? Claustrophobic and dull at best is my guess.

by ryan

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