ESET gives insight as to how FaceApp can be used by scammers online

July 21, 2019

The area of deep fakes is upon us.

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may have missed this new viral trend going around the interwebs. FaceApp is an AI-driven app that captures your face where you can then apply different filters. The old person filter, in particular, is the reason why the app became viral.

But security researchers at ESET claims that fake Pro versions of the app have started circulating online, where scammers can lure you to a fake website or a fake YouTube video. These links claim to give you the Pro version of the app but only installs malware and various other ads which could potentially be harmful to your system.

“There were well over 200-thousand stories online this Thursday about the fake and fictitious FaceApp Pro. Only one of the YouTube videos we found had more than 150-thousand views, however, its malicious links were clicked over 90-thousand times,” says ESET Researcher Lukáš Štefanko. “Legitimate businesses don’t even dream of such high click-through rates as these cybercriminals have been able to achieve,” he added.

ESET says that users should always know where to download the right app and if they’re getting the right version. It’s a fun app that’s for sure, but in case you mistakenly download a fraudulent app that you probably won’t be smiling if you find you were scammed.

A more detailed explanation from ESET  of the FaceApp scam can be found here

by Victor
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