E3 2021 ‘might’ proceed with a digital-only event

February 10, 2021

E3 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic.

The 2021 edition of E3 is officially a go – but likely in a virtual digital-only event. The announcement was made by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which officially confirmed that the show will still happen albeit in a digital-only format. 

A report by Video Games Chronicle mentioned that E3 2021 will take place from June 15-17, 2021, and has confirmed that more details will be revealed in the next few weeks. An outline of the event was revealed by ESA, citing multiple keynote sessions from different game partners similar to the live events that were held pre-pandemic. Additionally, an awards show plus a preview will also be taking place.

Part of the digital-only event includes media previews taking place a week before, along with the ability to stream game demos in the safety of their own homes. But these are all proposed activity outlines, and approval is still needed before the event can actually proceed.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.