Everything you need to know about Windows 10

January 22, 2015

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event has just concluded, and here are the highlights of what was announced.

Free for all

Following the footsteps of Apple, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for all users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 along with Windows Phone 8.1. There’s a catch though, you need to upgrade within the first year that Windows 10 will be released. After that, you may need to purchase the upgrade at full retail price.

Stand back, Siri!

Cortana, the voice assistant initially introduced on Window Phone, will now be making its way to Windows 10. While it can give out basic information and can learn from the information you have given her, Cortana will also be able to do voice impressions – and even did a Yoda impression at the keynote.

One app to rule them all

Since Microsoft will be implementing one platform for all its supported devices that includes smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops, apps will soon be universal. One app across all these devices will behave similarly, letting you easily move from one device to another.

Say hello to the Xbox app

Windows 10 will also introduce an Xbox app to its platform where you can interact with your friends and chat with them right from the app. The best bit is that you can stream your Xbox One video games directly to any device running Windows 10.

This is (Project) Spartan!

Confirming earlier reports, Windows 10 will include a new browser that will make us try and forget about Internet Explorer. The new browser supports direct annotations so you can easily make notes and share them using OneNote and is even deeply integrated with Cortana. The search bar will be integrated with Bing, where it will learn some of your searches to try and show you more relevant results.

Something huge

The surprise of the evening is the Microsoft Surface Hub – a large touchscreen meant for business use. The screen supports 4K resolutions, and runs Windows 10. Think of it as a really huge tablet that gives more interaction compared to a simple whiteboard.

More features were announced, and we will be detailing them in other news posts. For now, check out the introduction video of Windows 10:

by Victor
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