Facebook rolls out Instant Articles
May 13, 2015

Let’s face it. As much as many of us may wish we had more time and patience to make reading the news a ritual, no matter how slowly a web page portraying it may take to load, we just don’t like to wait. Well now, Facebook has found the solution: Instant Articles.

According to iClarified, this new product will allow publishers to create articles on Facebook in an interactive manner. Readers will be able to access them at load times that are ten times faster than the majority of mobile websites.

Regarding Instant Articles, Facebook issued a statement focusing on the general population’s wider use of mobiles to access the news and share articles on Facebook through the mobile app.  It generally takes about eight seconds for stories to load, which marks the slowest kind of content on Facebook.

Instant Articles not only allows publishers to feature their articles with a faster load time, they can also be more interactive through features like the ability for readers to get high-res images just by tilting their phones. As readers scroll down stories, Auto Play videos will automatically be functional to save time.

To be more interactive, Facebook has added more elements like allowing you to like and comment on articles on individual comment lines on the article piece. Additionally, readers can check out maps and listen to audio captions.

Facebook is currently working with nine partners to launch, such as the New York Times, BBC News and BuzzFeed. Stay tuned to t3me.com/en to get the latest on this story and more.

by micha
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