Finnish tablet startup making strides in the industry
November 20, 2014

Jolla, an independent start up is looking to bring its Sailfish OS to market with a new tablet. It is looking to compete against the iPad mini with an operating system that promises the best multitasking capability on the market.

The company has used crowd funding in order to grow its business, and has achieved huge success. Its first release was the Jolla smart phone and the OS it runs became really successful after the company produced an impressive 350 features, 9 updates and repaired over 13,000 bugs. Sailfish OS is not quite Android, but it runs Android based apps, giving users the freedom to choose from thousands of apps.

After proving their OS’s worth, they sought crowd funding in order to release a second product, the Jolla tablet. It will be based on the Nokia N1 tablet, with a 7.9 inch screen, quad core processor and 2 GB of ram. The multi-tasking feature has been the main focus of the project, and Jolla is aiming to provide the ultimate multi-tasking capability.

While Microsoft already provides the side by side app viewing capability, Jolla is taking this a step a further, as they see multi-tasking as one of the most important functions of these mobile devices. So far, Jolla has secured over $898,000, which is $518,000 more than their asking amount of $380,000. Early backers scooped up the tablet for $189, with a second run of backers getting them for $199. All of the tablets are sold out, but you can still pledge smaller amounts for the next 26 days.

The price when the tablet becomes fully available will be in the neighborhood of $250, with Indiegogo pledgers receiving their tablets in May 2015.

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