Focus on the 2015 Samsung Forum: Part 1

February 17, 2015

“We tailor our offerings to every lifestyle,” said the President of Samsung Electronics (MENA region), Mr. Choong Ro Lee, at the 2015 Samsung Forum yesterday.

This was indeed a fitting note to kick off the conference, which consisted of a great emphasis on the significance of the Internet of Things.

IOT is clearly the rising trend, and Samsung has taken note of this. The company estimates that by 2020, 100% of Samsung customers will be on the IOT, which namely requires an open ecosystem, as Mr. Lee also stated. He also focused on the role SUHD TVs will play on leading TV industries into a new era.

Soon enough, the Regional Head of Visual Display, Mr. Mustafa Sadick, led us into the announcement of Samsung’s latest SUHD TV, which uses Nano Crystal Technology to deliver cutting-edge images. The Tizen OS was also stated to be the “backbone” of Samsung’s new 2015 Smart TV lineup.

Going into the household sector, the Regional Head of Home Appliances segment, Mr. George Barakat, introduced Samsung’s new Chef Collection, which I personally found to be phenomenal and so practical, especially for those of us always on the go. With everything from a Fridge-in-Freezer to the Chef Pan accessory and a steaming smart oven hot blast technology to keep food crispy on the out with a juicy inside. Samsung has clearly paid attention to the details.

Not to mention the new WW9000 Crystal Blue Washing Machine, which uses the latest technology to allow you to control your washing machine from any room of the house with your smartphone/smart device. So, you can simply be gardening, and finish a nice bulk of laundry, simultaneously. The simple and minimalist design that includes the Big Crystal Blue Door, keeps with Samsung’s ergonomic design concept, which in this case, allows the user to load and unload laundry quite easily. Of course, the washer is smart, remembering such things as your favorite/most used programs and settings, ultimately personalizing the washing process, without having to press a button.

In keeping with the cleaning process, the AR7500 air conditioner was revealed to make a shift from the mainstream with a unique triangle design and a digital inverter alongside the Virus Doctor technology incorporated to kill about 99% of harmful air pollutants while offering effective cooling. The new AX7000 air purifier was announced, as well, to cover up to 773 cubic meters per hour, killing about 99% of harmful air pollutants.

Stay tuned to find out more on other releases made at the Forum that are worth your while. 

by micha
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