From an iPad Air with the M1 chip to the 5K Studio Display, these are a few things Apple announced today!

March 9, 2022

An Alpine Green iPhone 13 too

Apple just wrapped up its first product event of the year. It focused on a new affordable iPhone, an update to the iPad Air and its latest, most powerful Mac chip, which will make its debut in the new Mac Studio computer.

Here’s are some highlights from the event:

Mac Studio Display

It offers a 5K Retina 27-inch screen, speakers and has a built-in camera. Users can also choose between an all-aluminum enclosure with a tilting stand or a tilt and height-adjustable stand option. The screen can also be used to fast-charge Apple’s latest MacBook Pros when it’s plugged in. It costs $1,599 and is available for pre-order today. Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip

Apple introduced the first new Mac model in years with the Mac Studio, a display-less desktop computer. It’s a cube-shaped aluminum box with USB-C ports and a SD card slot on the front. It’s taller than the existing Mac Mini. The additional height is used for big fans to keep the computer’s temperature down. The computer uses the high-performance M1 Ultra processor, which the company says has more power than its existing M1 chips. The Mac Studio with an older M1 Max chip starts at $1999. The model with an M1 Ultra starts at $3999. The Studio Display starts at $1599.

Apple said that the M1 Ultra basically doubles the size of Apple’s previous M1 chips using a connection technology it calls UltraFusion. Apple said it has more transistors than any other PC chip and includes a 64-core graphics processor.

Apple said that the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra is 80% faster than the top-of-the-line Mac Pro, which retailed for over $50,000.

The new iPad Air with M1 chip

Apple announced a new version of its mid-range iPad, the iPad Air. It uses Apple’s M1 processor, which is the chip used in the pricier iPad Pro and MacBook Air models. It also has optional 5G support. Its front-facing camera was upgraded to a 12-megapixel camera with a wide angle lens, which enables a feature called Center Stage that can follow subjects as they move around in the frame while videoconferencing. It will cost $599, with optional storage space and cellular upgrades. It’s the same price as it retailed for before. It will hit store shelves on March 18.

The iPhone SE

Apple also announced a new budget iPhone SE, which is the successor to the 2020 model but with 5G and the latest iPhone processor, A15. The device looks like the previous iPhone SE, with a 4.7-inch rectangular display, and a TouchID fingerprint sensor. It’s equipped with a 12-megapixel rear camera. It will retail for $429 and will hit store shelves on March 18. That’s more expensive than the $399 model Apple launched in 2020 and is a surprise bump in price.

Phone 13 in Green? Yes please!

Apple is adding two new colors for its iPhone. People can pre-order the iPhone 13 in “green” and the iPhone 13 Pro in “alpine green” starting Friday.

And nothing about the Mac Pro? After announcing the Mac Studio, Apple’s head of hardware John Ternus teased that it would release a more powerful new Mac Pro model in the future. We await impatiently…

by Anil George
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