2010 game VVVVVV is getting a major update after seven years

April 13, 2021

Finally adding 60fps support.

The game VVVVVV was originally released in early 2010, offering a puzzle platformer that was originally built on Adobe Flash and was released for the PC and Mac. Positive reviews for the game made it a hit, making it one of the most successful indie games ever released.

Just the other day, its creator Terry Cavanagh has tweeted that VVVVVV is getting a surprise update, seven years after it was last updated. The new update will not only offer bug fixes but will add 60fps support to the game as well. 

Cavanaugh mentioned that most of the contents of the update were due to source contributions, and cited user @Info__Teddy as one of the major contributors. It’s great that VVVVVV is still getting support from the developers and the community over the years, and should give the game a few more years of support.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.