Attack on Titan arrives on Free Fire

March 15, 2021

Latest crossover will let you battle in costumes inspired by the anime.

Garena has just announced a new Free Fire crossover event with Attack on Titan has gone live on the game. The collaboration will bring Attack on Titan content to Free Fire, including the man-eating humanoids as they invade the world of Free Fire.

A variety of fashion items will be available for players inspired by the popular series. These costumes include the iconic uniform of the Survey Corps that will have the division’s Wings of Freedom insignia displayed on the jackets. Alternatively, players will also have the chance to battle as Titans, where the game will give you access to the Armored and Attack Titan costumes. New gun skins were also released, including the P90 and M1014.

Other in-game features and easter eggs will also be present, including new reskins of Free Fire’s airdrop boxes and airplanes. Additionally, a new game mode based on Attack on Titan will also be released to Free Fire on March 27th, with details to be revealed in the next couple of days.

Free Fire is a free app available on the App Store and Play Store.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.