Calling all CS:GO players – sign up for Red Bull Flick 2020 now!

August 26, 2020

The first 2v2 CS:GO tournament made for amateurs and professional gamers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is probably of the most popular first-person shooter games ever released. Originally made as a Half-Life mod, the game is now front and center on every competitive tournament, where avid players have risen to be some of the best.

Red Bull Flick 2020 takes place this weekend and will bring together the best players in a 2v2 CS: GO tournament. But the organizers made something different – they have changed the rules and upped the stakes, including the creation of five unique maps made solely for the tournament.

A new game mode called Hold the Flag will be the main mission of this CS: GO tournament. As the name suggests, you would have to stand your ground against the enemy team, where the team who can stand the longest wins. Like planting a bomb on CS: GO, seasoned players know how tough this task can be – but that is where the challenge lies and the question is, are you (and your partner) up for it?

You take a flag from the opposing team and head to a flag zone where you would have to defend it for 45 seconds. Since the new maps have a new design, CS:GO players would have to throw their known strategies and come up with a new one if they want to win. The tournament is headlined by seasoned Red Bull Gaming pro Issa Murad.

The five Red Bull Flick Maps vary in setting and other unique game mechanics. Castle for example has plenty of hiding spaces, while Garden has jump pads that can be used to your advantage. There’s also Speedway where there is you are always seen, while Matrix lets you teleport your way to victory. Lastly, there is Himalaya where a good old-fashioned pistol is your main weapon against enemies. The best part is the maps are not just accessible during the tournament, and you can download the five maps from the Steam Workshop so you can start strategizing your mission.

Registrations for Red Bull Flick 2020 UAE tournament is now open for all amateur and professional players. Each country will also host its own Red Bull Flick competition and qualifiers for the UAE will take place on August 28th which will be followed by a final on August 29th. You can also watch a livestream of the Red Bull Flick 2020 finale.

by Victor
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