EA Access rebrands to EA Play and will arrive on Steam

August 20, 2020

Unlimited access to all EA titles for just $5 a month.

EA Play has been confirmed to arrive on Steam next week, August 31st. The subscription is a renamed EA Access, which allows you to play EA’s past and present titles as much as you want as long as the subscription is valid. EA Play will also let you try out new games before buying them as well as exclusive discounts on DLCs.

EA originally branched itself out from Steam by introducing its own Origin PC launcher but in the past year, we saw the company slowly going back to Valve’s service, saying that it is where a bulk of PC Gamers are. EA Play costs $5 per month, but you can save more money by getting a yearly subscription at $30. 

There is also a Pro version of EA Play that is only accessible through Origin PC. The difference is that you can play the deluxe versions of the newest games. This service, called EA Play Pro, will set you back $15 per month. EA Play isn’t just relaunching on PC – the PS4 and Xbox One versions will also get the new name.

Popular EA games such as Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, and A Way Out are just some of the titles available on EA Play. 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.