It’s the ultimate battle as MENA teams head for Free Fire Arab Series final
October 15, 2020

Teams from Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tunisia go head-to-head in Season Four of the competition on Saturday, October 17.

Garena has just announced that 12 teams from the MENA region have qualified for the Grand Finals of the Free Fire Arab Series that’s taking place this weekend. On October 17, teams from Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Jordan will put their skills to the test as the last stage of Season Four commences.

The teams from the MENA region include VIP (Iraq), SHIFT.FF, INF Team, INFINITY VX, DEA, DZ_INFINITY (all Algeria), Alliance, and Golden Squad (both Morocco). Also participating are WINNERSKA (KSA), Team MELEK and Star Galaxy (Tunisia), and xBoss (Jordan).

The 12 teams will be competing in six matches that will put them in the first three places, where the winners will be counted based on their rank in each of the matches. The winning team will get the champion’s title as well as sharing the $20,000 prize.

Beltaief Dhia Eddine of DZ_INFINITY said in a statement that while the finals can be difficult, he is still determined to win the title. “Qualifying for any Grand Final is an arduous process and the Free Fire Arab Series has been no different. Every team in the Grand Final has conquered their own trials and tribulations for making it this far and we are all determined to win the title. I wish the best of luck to everyone and may the best time win,” he said.

Abdul Ghafoor Ibrahim from VIP said that while it’s their first time participating in the Free Fire tournament, they won’t be fazed by the occasion. “We have worked really hard to get this far and we are not going to let this chance go to waste. We must keep in mind that every other team has the same mindset. Just talking about the Grand Final has got me all excited and I wish everyone the best of luck,” he said.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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