Looks like Microsoft will also release a cheaper ‘Series S’ console
August 10, 2020

To compete with the PS5 Digital Edition.

While Microsoft has been busy showcasing the Xbox Series X over the past couple of months, many are wondering if the company will be releasing a cheaper version similar to the Xbox One S. Now we have an answer – a report by The Verge seemingly confirms that Microsoft will indeed release a cheaper Xbox Series S.

The report shows an image of the next-generation Xbox controller and while it doesn’t point to anything interesting at first glance, a look on the side confirmed that the controller was made for the ‘Xbox Series X/S’. This confirms that Microsoft is indeed releasing a cheaper version of its next-gen console.

As per the reports, the Xbox Series S will have the same CPU running on the Xbox Series X but will have half of the RAM and graphics power of its bigger brother. While that can be disappointing for some, we’re certain that some would still consider this option especially if it comes down to price.

When compared to the PS5 however, Sony will be releasing two versions: a standard edition with an optical drive and a Digital Edition that will only allow downloaded games. As far as hardware is concerned, you’re getting the same graphics power on both.

More details about the Xbox Series S should be revealed in the next couple of months as both Microsoft and Sony are preparing for the release of their next-generation console.

[Image credit: The Verge]

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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