New Star Wars and Indiana Jones games are coming!

January 17, 2021

Ubisoft and Bethesda partners with Lucasfilm Games.

Last week, Lucasfilm Games has announced a new partnership with both Ubisoft and Bethesda to create new games under some of its popular IP. Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will be creating an open-world Star Wars game (the first time a Star Wars game will be made other than EA) while Bethesda will be making a new Indiana Jones game. 

While still in its early stages, it was reported that The Division 2 and The Crew director Julian Gerighty will serve as the creative director for the new Star Wars game, which will also utilize Massive’s Snowdrop engine. The story and characters are unknown at the moment, nor we know if the plot will be canon to the movies and TV series.

As for Indiana Jones, Bethesda will be behind the development, which will be the first time a non-Star Wars game will be made by Lucasfilm Games. EA was a long time partner for Lucasfilm, making some of the most popular Star Wars games released in the past. Whale EA said that it has an exclusive partnership to make Star Wars games, Lucasfilm Games is still able to choose other partners. It was also reported that Ubisoft’s Star Wars game might release after EA’s deal with Lucasfilm Games ends.

Lucasfilm, which includes all movie, games, and merchandise properties is currently owned by Disney which was bought in 2012.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.