Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a PS4 exclusive

August 4, 2020

Swinging via post-launch DLC in 2021.

Marvel’s Avengers is probably one of the most awaited games this year. The Square Enix game managed to bring all the famous Marvel superheroes that include Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow in one huge game.

While initial reactions about the game were mixed, many are now expressing interest after gameplay footage was showcased online. A single-player campaign along with a multiplayer mode are all included when the game launches in September.

Many also expressed interest if Sony will let Square Enix use Spider-Man to be part of the game, considering that the character is a part of the group in the comics and the movies. If you remember, Insomniac Games have released the critically-acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man back in 2018 and was hailed as one of the best PS4 games.

Just yesterday, Sony has announced that Spider-Man will indeed be part of Marvel’s Avengers, which will be arriving as part of a post-launch DLC arriving in 2021. But since Sony holds the movie and game rights for Spider-Man (Disney owns the rest), this means that Spider-Man will only be available for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game.

Which in a way kind of sucks since loyal players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, or even Stadia won’t even get a chance to play Spidey on their consoles. It’s understandable that this is purely a business move, but in the end, it is the fans who lose. If you are an Xbox One player and would like to play Spider-Man, getting a PS4/PS5 is the only option at the moment.

Platform-exclusive content has been around for a while – from Call of Duty to Rise of the Tomb Raider. But for Marvel’s Avengers, it would feel somewhat hollow playing the game on a non-PlayStation console since Spider-Man won’t be part of it.

It’s definitely frustrating, but that is how businesses go. Marvel’s Avengers arrives on September 4th.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.