Xbox One players will get more than 60 free demos later this month
July 6, 2020

Part of the Xbox Summer Games Fest.

If you have an Xbox One, then you’d be one of the lucky players who will get to play more than 60 new game demos that are launching as part of the Summer Games Fest. Taking place from July 21 to July 27, most of these free game demos will be upcoming games that have never been announced before. 

The announcement was made on a post on Xbox Wire, where Senior Product Marketing Manager for ID@Xbox Gleen Gregory revealed said the game will be available through a special Game Fest Demo tile that will be made available on the Xbox One Dashboard.

Gregory emphasized that these games aren’t normal game demos – and goes to explain why. “Typically, the demos you see in our Demo channel are created after the game is completed (or nearly completed) and represent the final version. Many of these demos are early, and some are for games that won’t be out for quite some time. We’ve never done this before; what that means is that you’ll get to experience these games early – some way early – which is awesome, but you should also note that these games will continue to evolve and be polished as they near release. In other words, think of these as akin to “show floor demos” and not necessarily indicative of the final product,” he said.

It was also said that around 75 to 100 games will be made available during the festival, which is why you better start allotting space on your Xbox if you want to try out all of them.

Some of the game demos that will be available for you to play include the remake of Destroy All Humans!, action-adventure The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, intense action RPG Hellpoint, and the biographical adventure Welcome to Elk.

Microsoft did say that the Games Fest is only for the Xbox One and that they’re prepping for a separate event for the upcoming Xbox Series X console ahead of its release later this year.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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