Gillette joins forces with McLaren Mercedes

April 22, 2014

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be receiving a new ground of engineering as a leader in the male grooming industry partners with one of the most renowned F1 teams.

Gillette and McLaren Mercedes are collaborating on a new marketing campaign geared towards the concept of ‘Precision Engineering.’

The two brands are sharing the goal of enhancing their technology initiatives and taking a more innovative approach. They’re both into focusing on precision and increased performance as seen with Gillette’s super thin blades and McLaren’s successful Formula 1 performances.

Gillette has been in the shaving industry for about 110 years now, which has helped bring in a modern touch to the grooming sector. As for innovation on the automotive front, McLaren actually invented the first F1 carbon fiber chassis, which later hosted a number of electronic system enhancements.

Eric Boullier, Racing Director at McLaren Mercedes, said: “It is very exciting to be able to announce a new partnership between McLaren Mercedes and Gillette.  Gillette is synonymous with precision engineering and with innovation.”

Hossam Ashour, Gillette Europe, the Middle East and Africa Shave Care Vice President stated: ““For more than 40 years McLaren has innovated in superior engineering and performance. This makes them the ideal partner to demonstrate our belief in the importance of the precision when it comes to shaving.”


by micha
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