Go with the blood flow: Introducing the iBloodlink App
August 21, 2015

iBloodlink is an app with a conscience. With this app installed, blood, platelets and bone marrow donations are accelerated in the event of an emergency, the most relevant match is made to ensure swift recovery. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, this app ensures that people in emergency situation will no longer have to rely on heeding the call of a radio announcement. By using iBloodlink you’ll be linking yourself into a world of people in need or willing to help. Users that register are asked to input only their blood type and email address for verification. Nevertheless, all registered users will maintain anonymity as privacy is fully respected, so that the gesture becomes purely about medical relief. Requests are transferred via push-notifications so it’s an instant signal for help.

iBloodlink is also available in six countries for now: Lebanon, USA, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain & Kuwait.

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