Google Assistant Ambient Mode is coming to OnePlus devices

February 11, 2020

An easier way to talk to Google Assistant.

It is without a doubt that Google Assistant is one of the most useful virtual assistants today – and this Apple user here completely agrees. It has harnessed the power of Google search and transformed into a whole new experience. Just last November, Google has started rolling out Ambient Mode to select Nokia and Lenovo devices, and it is now making its way to OnePlus smartphones.

Ambient Mode is a proactive experience that turns on whenever the device is charging. Just like a smart speaker, you can easily access various information like weather, reminders or even your calendar. Ambient Mode can also turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame while it is charging or completely turn the interface so you can control various smart home devices and appliances.

OnePlus is bringing Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode starting with the OnePlus 3 released in 2016 up to the current OnePlus 7T. The update has started rolling out, and you will get a notification once the feature is ready to be turned on. Ambient Mode can also be turned on manually by going to Google App Settings, then selecting Assistant and then Devices (Phone).

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.