Google shutting down Orkut: No one cares

July 1, 2014

Google is shutting down that ‘other’ social network that never really got well, social.

Remember the days when there were a plethora of social networks floating around online? From MySpace, Friendster and Multiply, these websites had a lot of followers initially but slowly died down over the years, especially with the increasing popularity of Facebook and even Twitter. Orkut, a website that lets you connect friends and maintain existing relationships will now join the list of failed social networks due to the lessening number of active users – and to be honest, I didn’t even notice it was still online.

Owned and operated by Google, Orkut mentioned on their blog that it will no longer accept any new signups this month and will permanently shut down the website on September 2014 – though it will be online as an archive. Existing users can download their own profile archive and permanently disconnect the service from their Google account.

Orkut was banned in the UAE in July 2007 due to the numerous complaints made by users concerning adult content and the ban has not been lifted as of today. It was also banned in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Despite the decreasing number of users, the social networking site is still popular in various countries, including the Philippines, India and even Brazil.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.