Google to launch a ‘Personal Safety’ app that detects car crashes
October 1, 2019

It will come to Pixel devices.

Taking a break from the multiple Pixel smartphone leaks, new details have emerged that Google is planning to launch a new Personal Safety app with the Pixel 4. It’s interesting because it claims that it is able to detect car crashes, which in a way could benefit the user in case an accident happens.

XDA-Developers mentioned that there was a Google Play Store listing for the app that included a description of what it can do. In the description, it said that the Personal Safety app for Pixel phones will be able to contact first responders and the people saved in your emergency contacts in case it detects an accident.

We’re guessing intelligent machine learning along with sensors on the Google Pixel smartphone would aid in knowing if you have been in a car crash, and can potentially offer help and save you precious time. 

There were also rumors that some features might be exclusive to the Google Pixel 4, but seeing as that it’s an app that could benefit everyone, Google could bring this feature to all of its smartphone lines.

Apple has a similar Fall Detection feature on the Apple Watch. When it senses that you were in a fall, it will attempt to contact emergency services to track your location and offer some help.

What do you think about these new life-saving features on smartphones? Tell us your thoughts in the comment below!

[Image courtesy of XDA-Developers]

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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