Google’s Karate robot

November 12, 2014
Google’s Karate Robot

In a really interesting video by Google, they show off the human like capabilities of one of their new robots. The robot is seen replicating the famous seen from the popular movie The Karate Kid where Daniel-San practices his kata while perched on a pylon.

What the video shows us is that Google’s major investment into robotics firms is producing amazing things.  The robot, called Ian, is 6ft 2in tall and weighs 330 lbs. He was developed by Boston Dynamics, now owned by Google, who specialize in these kinds of extremely maneuverable robots. Boston Dynamics had also produced robots for the US military, such as the four legged utility robot called BigDog. They also have a robot called the cheetah which can run at a speed of 28.5 miles per hour.

It seems that Google is looking to build somewhat of an android army with all of its robotics and drone technology investment. Add this to Google’s driverless car and we’re well on our way to an automated life powered by Google.

by ryan

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