GPS technology comes on Garmin’s new line of watches

May 7, 2014

So the GPS king has taken note of consumers’ rising preferences for fitness trackers to accompany and monitor practically every move made.

Garmin’s new budget Forerunner 15 watch collection is compatible with numerous outside sources. It allows you to connect a foot pod sensor along with a heart rate monitor and easily track your fitness by counting how many steps you take, etc.

The range gives the solution for having an all-in-one fitness tracker rather than being a commonplace running watch.

Garmin has also joined the water-resistant trend, like Sony’s Smartwatch 2. The Forerunner 15 series is water-resistant at up to 50m.

Indeed encouraging a healthy life-style, Garmin’s new watches also notify the user whether they’ve been sitting for too long. So if you’re at your desk at work, for instance, the watch can sense the amount of time you’ve been sitting and notify when you should get up and walk around. Cool right?

On the specs front, the watch’s battery life is a winner. When placed in non-GPS mode, you can enjoy 5 weeks of battery life. Alternatively, if the GPS mode is on, the battery will provide for 8 hours of usage.

So how much for this baby? The standard model will set you back about $235 and if you decide to get the heart rate monitor bundle, it’s priced at approximately $287.




by micha
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